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Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Terms & Conditions of Adaa Here we have mentioned all the rules, regulations, do’s and don’ts, usage policy and other related policies that are required for every user to know while using our website, our services and while purchasing our products. To define our concepts, “Website” is the site, through which every user will be able to access our site, irrespective of the physical location where the user are located. “Terms & Conditions” are the general terms that have been laid down by us to define policies and procedures that govern the use of our Website. “Content”, collectively refers to all information that is available on this website, this content could be from us: describing our Products, who we are, etc; or it could be from our users through their reviews, post, comments, feedbacks, blogs, etc. “Users” refer to every customer who is accessing our website and our services either intentionally or non-intentionally

Use of our Website

By entering our website and accessing its pages, you have agreed to our terms & conditions. If you do not wish to do so, you may leave our site and discontinue using our services. If you still continue to access our website, means you have automatically agreed to our terms. Your Information We may collect your information. Some of this information are provider directly by you while entering your details in the Information collection sections, where as some of the information is indirectly given by you like your system details, etc, while you are browsing our website. We collect such information for processing them for further business needs, we will use them to enhance our customer shopping experience and upgrading our services. We also collect this information for protecting our rights, the rights of all third parties that are associated with us and also the rights of our valued customer. This helps us in eliminating fraud and fake users who would try to spam the website. If you wish not to share your information, you may do so, but you will not be able to use some or all of our website features.

Information Sharing

We would have to share some or all of your information that we have received on this website for many reasons. We may have to share them with our third parties whose services we acquire to make the site functional. We may have to share your information with the judicial authority to comply with the country rules and laws. We may have to share your details to detect or prevent any fraud from happening. We believe that information sharing is always good for proper and smooth functioning of certain or most business entities. However, we do understand the importance of your Information and its privacy, we will take best care and efforts to not let them easily into unauthorized hands. But we cannot guarantee this. Some of the parties with whom information will be shared would be located outside the country, your information would go outside the country as well and the shared information will be applicable to those country laws.

Using our website and our services

a. We sell different type of products on our websites, currently our website is free for customers to view and browse through our products, irrespective of your physical location. For the purpose of purchasing any of our product listed on our sites, you have to mandatorily login and create an account with a username and password. 

b. User can create Login accounts that are free, they need to mention their details, in order for us to verify them and authenticate them. Every user is given a unique Login Id and a password. We request users to keep them safe and secure. 

c. You have the option to Login through Google and Facebook, if you choose this option you have given us the permission to access, post and view your social media accounts. You need to allow permission in their setting to help us access them for the login procedure.

d. Users are requested to provide true and accurate information for the purpose of account creation. In case user provides wrong information either intentionally or unintentionally, then they are liable for all consequences arising out of such information

e. Every user is liable for the activities that happen through their account (be it a purchase or posting reviews); therefore, we suggest every user to create a strong password and keep them safe and secure and change them on timely basis. If user feels their accounts are used by someone else, they are requested to contact us asap.

f. User Login is done to monitor every transaction, reduce duplicate / dummy / fake orders as well as to reward our loyal customers and for taking business decisions.

g. Post login, users can select their products and select delivery option. Users can select any delivery option but we do not guarantee a delivery for that specific time, we will try our best to get them delivered to customers in their convenient time. We would like every user to understand that our delivery team are humans and we are helpless before certain situation and calamities. We do not take any claims for late or delayed delivery

Responsibilities of Users

a. We do not share your account credentials with anyone apart from you. Every Customer is liable for their account. All information that has been provided during account creation, profile creation, delivery, etc are sole responsibilities of the user and they are responsible for all activities that happen through such accounts. We request all users to provide accurate and true information. In case user has provided some or all information that is wrong or untrue, irrespective of their intention, then the user is liable and responsible for all consequence arising out of such incorrect information. Adaalounge is free from all such claims.

b. Every user has the responsibility to keep all their passwords in safe hands and we do advise our users to create strong passwords and change them on regular basis. If user feels that their accounts are hacked or being used by someone else, they should immediately contact  us on the info in this page or on the website.

c. Some of our products are applied on the skin and the body. If customers feel or they have any kind of allergies to certain products, it is their responsibility to immediately stop using such products and seek medical or dermatologist advice. Adaa is not responsible for such allergy claims 

Reviews & Comments

a. You are allowed to freely share you reviews and post your comments, as long as the content is not obscene, illegal, against the country, defamatory, threatening, injurious to Adaa Lounge and its associated parties. They should not consist of any political or racists comments, or comments against any religion or any sector of the society. They should not contain any harmful software virus, malware, etc that would damage and cause loses to and its associated parties. User shall not post anything against the Country and its laws. The user is solely liable for all the reviews and comments that they have posted and shall face all legal consequences in case they violate any policies of or the country and its laws, rules & regulations.

b. If you post any reviews & comments on the website, you have given the irrevocable, perpetual, royalty free and nonexclusive rights to use, modify, produce, create, publish, display, etc such content for further business use. You have agreed that you do not have any rights over such content and you will not claim any rights over such comments in the future. All reviews & comments posted are sole property of

c. All reviews provided are given by our valued customers with their free will and because of their experience with us. Adaa Lounge is neutral to all reviews. We are not biased towards customers because of their reviews. We take all reviews in a positive manner to increase our level of customer satisfaction. Incase we find some customer has a review which is unsatisfactory, we will try to contact our customers to find out the reason why they were not happy or what was the cause of their dismay.

d. has no obligation to monitor every user review & comment, however, we have the right to check your reviews & comments and have the rights to edit, delete or take certain actions if they violate our Terms & conditions or any laws of the country. If we find any content posted is against country laws, we have the rights to report them to the legal authorities of the country. In such situation the one who has posted the reviews is responsible for all the legal proceedings that would follow. We are not responsible nor a part of any such legal proceedings

e. If any contents by the user is posted in a language that is not understandable or not convertible in English, we have the rights to delete them. If any content is posted that is not true, we have the rights to delete them.

f. If we find out that the reviews are posted by automated BOT or AI machines, we shall delete them

Adaa Products (Images, Description & features)

a. At, we ensure and try our best to source good quality branded products from authorized dealer and seller. However, these products are not manufactured or packed in Adaa premises, so we have limited control over them.

b. All product description and features mentioned on the site are provided by manufacturers of those products. We try to take as accurate pictures as possible. However, these pictures could differ to some extent when they are posted over the internet due to certain color combination and conversion process. is not liable for their final quality, quantity, fragrance, durability & performance. However, we do understand that some products would not match the manufacturers specifications and quality, in such cases we would take a refund policy into consideration. We encourage you to kindly go through our Refund & cancellation policy for such claims 

c. We do not encourage selling any products that are expired, very close to expiry, have manufacturing defaults or defects, cheap quality or other such standards that would lower or spoil our brand. If customer has any doubt on our products you can contact us on the details in this page or on the website.

d. We have uploaded at least 4 images of every product, so our customers are aware about the actual product that they will receive on delivery. This will reduce chance for cancellation on delivery.

Intellectual property & ownership

All images, contents, logos, copyrights and other intellectual property that are used on our website are sole property of No one is allowed to use part or whole of any of our content to create, use, modify or broadcast it, without our written consent. If anyone is found doing so, they shall be punishable under the law for copyright infringement. All contents posted by users are also the property of and we have the rights to use them for our business needs.

Third party

We embed and use third party services in order to provide you with the latest and the most user-friendly services. In such cases your information’s are shared either directly or indirectly with such third parties. is not liable for such transfer of information to other related parties. If you do not wish to abide by this rule, then you may not be able to use all the functionalities of the website. Some of these third parties are located outside the country and in such cases their country rules on data privacy and sharing may be applicable to you as well. has not control over these third parties. You may also get promotional communications from such third parties. You agree to receiving such promotional communications from third parties.


We would be allowing third parties to Advertise on our website. We do not support the content of these advertisements; we are neutral and unbiased. While accessing our website, all such advertisements would be viewed by you. You agree to receiving such advertisements. In case you engage yourself in such advertisements, you agree not to hold us liable for any issues arising. It is the sole responsibility and freedom of the users to buy the products that are being showed in such advertisement. If you choose to buy them, you agree to do so at your own will, and is not responsible for any claims that you have by the use of these products.


a. follows a fair and true pricing policy. All prices for the products displayed are VAT inclusive. Prices for certain products may differ from one seller to another, this is because of certain macro and micro economic factors, we cannot control market prices. We ensure you that the prices of our products are set according to their high level of quality and we ensure we source them from genuine and authorized distributers. We keep updating our prices as the market is ever changing in nature. We will have promotions and offers on timely basis to make our customers happy, however we cannot assure you the availability of certain products at specified prices for a certain time period. Kindly note the price mentioned at the time of the actual check out and Invoice generation is the actual price that you will be liable to pay. If an offer on a certain product comes after you have already purchased and the invoice is generated you will not be liable to get it, similarly, if the rates of any products increases after you have purchased it and the invoice is generated, you will not be liable to pay the extra amount in increase.

b. Offers and promotion are a sole way to encourage sales and gain loyalty with our valued customers.

c. All prices are in AED (Arab Emirates Dirhams). If customer wishes to pay in any other currency apart from AED, we will calculate the equivalent amount along with the conversion charges. Kindly note the customer has to notify us before the delivery about payment in other currency. We will be accepting only a few currency eg (USD, GBP, EURO, INR). Since will be paying such currency conversion charges to the relevant banks for reconverting the money to AED, the conversion rate of will have a certain mark up, inorder to nullify the effect of the bank charges, so that we don’t go into a loss for conversion. The currency conversion rate of is final and non-negotiable. The customer hereby shows his consent to agree and pay the final amount after the conversion method agreed and followed by If you do not agree to our conversion rates, you can pay us in AED the final amount showing on the Invoice. If you have any query about our pricing you are free to contact us at


a. Unless specified over the website that certain products are manufactured by, rest all products are sourced from authorized dealers and there may occur certain instances where the product is not as per the customer expectation. In such cases, will direct such issues to the authorized vendor who will be liable to provide warranty (if any). is not directly or indirectly liable to provide warranty on any products sold over the website. All warranties from the dealers and distributers. Incase any issue or claim arises out of such warranty; the customer hereby acknowledges to free from such claims. We will follow your issues to the dealer and they will be resolved on case to case basis. If any problem, damage, safety issue , health issue occurs by using the products sold over the websites, all such claims will be directed straight to the authorized dealer and distributers, the customer agrees not to hold liable for any such claim.

b. If customer has allergies or start getting certain reaction by using some of our products, they should immediately stop their use and consult a doctor or a dermatologist. AdaaLounge is not to be held liable for such allergy claims. If customer feels they are not allergic but the product is not of good quality, you are informed to contact us and we will direct the claims to the authorized dealers of those brands. The customer shall in no circumstances hold Adaa Lounge liable for such claims. Disputes If in any event there arises a dispute between the customer and the parties related to, the customer hereby agrees to not involve in any such disputes. All such disputes will be solved amicably between the customer and the party involved without the involvement of, we are not liable to pay any charges or claims arising out of such disputes to the customer or the party involved Data & information Policy We collect all information of our customers right from the time you enter our website. All such information is used to process and provide greater customer experience and for future business upgrades. We use third party services, in such cases your data is shared with these third parties, some of them are outside the country, so your information would flow outside the country as well. We respect your privacy and try our best to keep them in safe and authorized hands. However, we cannot assure you of 100% information safety and security.

Cookies We use cookies for enhancing your user browsing experience. Cookies are normal files that store small information for quick processing, they do not store viruses or any harmful malware. Most web browsers automatically allow cookies, incase you do not wish to allow cookies, you can do so changing your browser settings. By not allowing cookies you will not be able to fully enjoy all functionalities of our websites. Termination of user accounts If we find that the user account is breaching the terms of our policy by anyway, we have all the rights to terminate your account with us. Legal Age of the user We assume that everyone accessing this website is of legal age and aware about the consequences if they are below the legal age. In case you are not of the legal age, is not liable for any issues arising out of such use of our website, Children kindly consult your parents and legal guardians.

Disclaimer We sell products that are used and applied on the body. In case you have any allergies, kindly discontinue using them and consult a doctor. All our products sold are genuine and from authorized dealers and manufacturers. We are not liable for any such health issues arising, all claims to be directed directly to the specific Brand and their distributors.

Packaging a. All products that are purchased over the website come with the packaging that is provided by their manufacturers. Adaa does not take any warranty of their packaging. We try our best to get them delivered to you in the same packaging. b. If the customer has seen an advertisement of a product on any other platform (not AdaaLounge) about a different packaging and does not find the same packaging with AdaaLounge, then AdaaLounge is not liable for such customer expectations. We are only liable for all the products and its packaging that are displayed over our website. c. If customer wishes to pack the items that are purchased in gift wraps or fancy wrapping, then they need to mention the same while purchasing, or else they need to contact us in advance after they have purchased and give us notification about such requirements. 

Adaa Lounge Rights a. Adaa Lounge has the rights to decide product pricing and offers depending upon its business needs. The offers would be for a certain period and customers cannot book an offer for a future period. b. If Adaa feels that the customer is not a person and is a BOT or a AI powered system, then adaalounge has the rights to terminate their accounts and block all their information c. If any customer accounts are not used for a period of more than 8 months , then adaa has the rights to deactivate their accounts d. If adaa feels that the customer has given incorrect address and is not responding to adaa lounge delivery team, then we have all the rights to cancel the delivery order without any prior approval of the customer. e. If any customer is found accessing adaa lounge, from any other way, apart from the website, then adaa lounge has the rights to take legal action against such customer f. If any customer has a bad history of creating issues while accepting product delivery, then adaa lounge has the rights to cancel the product delivery without any prior notice to such customers. g. Adaa Lounge has the rights to make changes in its product line, website design and other such services without any approval of the customers.

Update will keep updating its terms and conditions and other related policies from time to time. Once they are updated, we will post them on the website in the relevant sections. When the they are updated, the customers will be liable to all the new changes in the policies. We cannot assure that we can inform our customers about the updated policy due to shortage of resources, so we request you to kindly have a look at our terms and conditions on time to time.

Contact us If you have any queries, you can contact us on the chat box, contact us form or by sending us an email at

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